Thursday, March 24, 2011

2010 Hyunjoo Yang Demo Reel

2010 Hyunjoo Yang Demo Reel from Hyunjoo Yang on Vimeo.

1. Final Film: Sunny Shower - Maya, V-Ray,Mental Ray, Mud box, Photo shop, After Effect, Illustration,Flash

2. Interstitial- Maya, Mental Ray, After Effect

3. Character turntable: Gomi, Chong Chong - V-ray, Wire frame, V-ray, Occlusion,Mental Ray

4. Final Film: Stop motion- Set design and Construction

Music: AXOL. E-mail:

Created by Hyunjoo Yang:

Sunny Shower -My final film

Sunny Shower from Hyunjoo Yang on Vimeo.

My final film for the Computer Animation program at Sheridan College.

All created with Maya, V-Ray,Mental Ray, Mudbox, Photoshop, After Effect, Illustrator,Flash

Thank you for watching~

Hyunjoo Yang:

Special Thanks for kyunhyun Sim(Thanks~ Sim.)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Design for yearbook

-Final film |Sheridan College|Sunny Shower|2010
-10 second interstitial |Sheridan College|Dessert World|2010
-Stopmotiona Animation|Set design and Fabrication|2006~2007
-Installation Art|2005

Dispaly for Industry Day

Sunny Shower|Final film - Prob design and fabrication for stopmotion.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunny Shower- Set design Process

"JooJoo Land"

Concept:Whole set made of fabrics including threads, needles,and stitching

Mudbox, Maya, Photoshop,Illustrator, Vray 

Idea sketch, 2D Drawing, 3D Modeling,Test render Images,Final render image